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STEP 4: Put your plan into action


Learn more!
Remember to visit the Learn more! section of this web site for links to many useful web sites that can help you plan and save for your child's education.
For most of us, opening a Registered Education Savings  Plan (RESP) is the first and most important step we can  take to prepare for our child's education. You can open an  RESP through your bank, trust company, or other financial  institution. There are four steps you need to take:
1.   Learn as much as you can about RESPs
2.   Compare plans at different companies (visit the Learn more! section)
3.   Fill out all the necessary papers
4.   Start saving!
Just remember: when you save money in an RESP, the government helps you save more by providing grant money to help you save for future education. So even a few dollars saved every month can make a big difference. Even if it only helps pay part of your child's education costs, it's still a great start for their future.

We hope you have found this Guide useful as you make your education savings plans.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or need help, please get in touch with us through The Building Futures Network site or at one of the contact numbers shown below. We wish you and your child much success!

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