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Want to learn more about planning and saving for your child's education? Check out these resources:
Alberta Advanced Education and Technology
Includes a section called Guiding you along the path to learning with information about RESPs, government grants, student loans, grants, and scholarships. Check out the following:
Canada Revenue Agency 
Provides information about Registered Education Savings Plans.
Canadian Foundation for Economic Education 
Has many web sites and tools you will find useful. Visit the CFEE home page and click on 'CFEE Sites'. Be sure to visit The Building Futures Network and Virtual Adviser sites.
Employment and Social Development Canada
Has information about the Canada Student Loans and Grants Program and programs that help Canadians who are saving for education.
Investor Education Fund 
Has a section on Registered Education Savings Plans and lots more advice about money and investing.
Service Canada 
Describes government programs and services for Canadians, including Registered Education Savings Plans and many other education and training programs.