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Read the fine print Ė the hidden costs of cheap flights

Nothing in life is free. You can get a better price, but you almost always have to give up something. Here are five questions to ask before you buy a cheap flight:

  1. Does the price include fees, taxes, and surcharges? Those things can really add up.
  2. Is it a final sale? With many cheap flights, you can't cancel, change, or transfer your ticket.
  3. Are there any rules about how long you can travel? Sometimes you can only stay away a certain number of days before you fly back.
  4. Is the company a good and reliable one? You donít want to get stuck with an airline that goes out of business overnight.
  5. Will you get frequent flyer miles? For some people, paying a little more for a flight with travel miles is worth it.
Tip: If the airline is a publicly traded company, check its stock to see if it's making profits.

Remember: discount flights often require long waits in airports, trekking between distant terminals, and other inconveniences. If you're travelling with young children or lots of baggage, discount travel may not be right for you. Learn more now about discounted air fares.